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Walking and Cycling for Green, Healthy and Sustainable Mobility: Bonn Dialogue

Active travel can provide society with significant transport, health and environmental benefits.

However, in most countries, active travel modes such as walking and cycling have been neglected and pushed to the margins of official policy, planning and
governmental funding for too long. This scenario is about to change.

Promoting active mobility is one of the core priorities for the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP). THE PEP is the first and only
international programme designed to integrate environmental and health aspects into transport, mobility and urban planning policies in the European Region. It is working
to support countries in finding the best balance between the needs for transport and mobility, the health and well-being of people, and the quality of the environment.
The third Bonn Dialogue on Environment and Health, organized in partnership with THE PEP, will focus on the role of walking and cycling for green, healthy and sustainable
mobility and will mark World Bicycle Day.

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Flyer of the Bonn Dialogue on Walking and Cycling for Green, Healthy and Sustainable Mobility