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Green economy and THE PEP

THE PEP continues promoting environmentally friendly, healthy and economically as well as socially viable transport systems for providing access to goods, jobs, services, education and leisure in the Pan-European Region.

At the Seventh Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" (21-23 September, Astana) THE PEP launched a brochure "Green and healthy jobs in transport". The purpose of this Brochure is to stimulate a debate and a shared understanding on what a green and healthy job in transport is; to share existing experiences in Europe and other parts of the world with new policies and approaches for creating green and healthy jobs in transport; to analyze the potential of greening “old jobs” and creating “new green jobs” in transport and assess the qualitative and quantitative impact that such approaches have on the environment, health, transport and the economy.

THE PEP contributed to the debate on green economy through its cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and its Green Economy Report, in particular the chapter on Transport. THE PEP also contributed to the WHO report "Health co-benefits of climate change mitigation - Transport sector" launched in Durban at UNFCCC COP 17.

The report is a part of the "Health in the Green Economy" series and describes how many climate change measures can be “win-wins” for people and the planet. THE PEP activities are illustrated as an example of international governance mechanism in the chapter 4.4.1 "National and regional governance as drivers", along with HEAT, which is featured under the section 5.4.4 "Integrative analytical tools".

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