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Health impacts of transport

This project is the contribution by Austria, France, Malta, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland to the implementation of THE PEP. It seeks to review the state-of-the-art of transport-related health impacts and to evaluate costs and benefits, focusing on air pollution, noise, physical activity and psycho-social impacts, traffic safety and climate change. The project will analyze evidence and methodological issues for the assessment of the health effects of transport on children and the related policy implications. National case studies on estimates of transport-related health costs may be carried out. The project will then develop recommendations on political implementation strategies. This work will also contribute to the development of WHO guidelines on the economic valuation of transport-related health effects.

This project falls under the priority area of THE PEP Work Plan "Demand Side Management and Modal Shift". It covers the field "Promotion, implementation and review of policies designed to internalize the health and environmental externalities (external costs) generated by transport activities" as well as the field "Special care for groups of high risk, in particular children".


At its first session (Geneva, 10-11 April 2003), THE PEP Steering Committee endorsed the project, implemented through a series of workshops organized by Austria, France, Malta, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland

    * Workshop I on "Transport Related Health Impacts - Review of Exposures and Epidemiological Status", hosted by Austria (24-25 April 2003, Vienna).
    * Workshop II on "Economic Valuation of Health Effects due to Transport", hosted by Sweden (12-13 June 2003, Stockholm).
    * Workshop III on "Issues Specific to Children", hosted by the Netherlands (16-17 October 2003, The Hague).
    * Workshop IV on "Synthesis and Recommendations", hosted by Malta (19-20 February 2004)   

At its second session (Geneva, 29-30 March 2004), the Steering Committee considered the principal outcomes of the workshops and the input provided to the development of the European Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE), to be adopted by the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health (Budapest, 23-25 June 2004) (see ECE/AC.21/2004/6-EUR/04/5045236/6, presented to the second session of the Steering Committee of THE PEP). The Committee endorsed the proposals for follow-up actions that should contribute to the further implementation of THE PEP as well as of the CEHAPE and set up a Task Force.


Official documents were presented to the first, second, third and fourth sessions of the Steering Committee of THE PEP