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Building forward better by transforming to new, clean, safe, healthy and inclusive mobility and transport


Transport is one of the major sectors of the economy of the pan-European region, and travel and mobility are essential parts of modern life – providing access to services, goods and activities. At the same time, transport can cause a significant burden on the health, well-being and even national economies in the region, through: emissions of air pollutants, greenhouse gases and noise; traffic congestion; injuries; physical, social and biodiversity fragmentation; socioeconomic disparities; land-take; and reduced opportunities for physical activity.

Transport, health and the environment are crucially interconnected. THE PEP – the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme – makes the links.

THE PEP is the first and only international programme designed to integrate environmental and health aspects into transport, mobility and urban planning policies.

Building forward better THE PEP Brochure FRA v07.pdf THE PEP Brochure RUS v05.pdf THE PEP Brochure DE v07.pdf