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THE PEP Partnerships

The PEP Partnerships provide THE PEP with an effective mechanism to support the implementation of the workplan in aspects related to the development of tools and methods as well as to provide technical capacity to support member States in implementing THE PEP at the national level.

Partnership on Health Economic Assessment Tools (PHEAT)
The HEAT Partnership supports the development of guidance and practical tools for estimating the economic value of the health impacts of regular walking or cycling. HEAT is based on the best available scientific evidence and can be adapted to fit specific situations.

Partnership on Cycling Promotion (PCP) aims to strengthen and extend the existing network of cycling officers; to develop a pan-European Master Plan for Cycling Promotion; to share good practices; and to develop guidelines and tools. The Master Plan for Cycling Promotion will be launched at the Fifth High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment in Austria in 2019.

Partnership on Eco-Driving (PED) aims to disseminate knowledge and good practices about the concept of eco-driving and approaches to its implementation. Partnership promotes the development of harmonized criteria for certification schemes and training materials for trainers and driving schools on ecodriving. It also develops approaches to assess the effectiveness of eco-driving.

Partnership on Jobs in Green and Healthy Transport (PJGHT) aims to stimulate a debate and shared understanding on jobs in green and healthy transport, analyse the potential for greening “old” jobs and creating “new green” jobs in transport and mobility and assess the qualitative and quantitative impacts on the environment, health, transport and economy.

Partnership on the Integration of Transport, Health and Environmental Objectives into Urban and Spatial Planning (PG5) aims to facilitate the discussion and research on the issues of integration of transport, health and environmental objectives into urban and spatial planning policies. The activities will be closely linked to the THE PEP Academy.

TRANSDANUBE Partnership involves the member States along the Danube and aims to promote sustainable mobility in the Danube region including train, bus, bike and shipping traffic to facilitate the concept of sustainable tourism.