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THE PEP Bureau

The Bureau of the Steering Committee of the Pan-European Programme on Transport, Health and Environment (THE PEP Bureau) guides the work of the Committee and develops the strategic direction of THE PEP. According to the Rules of Procedure of THE PEP Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee will be assisted by a tripartite Bureau consisting of nine to fifteen members elected by the Steering Committee. The members of the Bureau shall represent the transport, environment and health sectors as well as the different parts of the UNECE and WHO/Europe region on an equal footing. The Bureau is responsible for preparing the meetings of the Steering Committee and for following-up on its decisions.
The Bureau will hold biannual meetings.

THE PEP Bureau Members:

Health sector

  • Mr. François André (Belgium)
  • Mr. Mihail Kochubovski (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
  • Mr. Ion Salaru (Republic of Moldova)
  • Ms. Vigdis Ronning (Norway)

Transport sector

  • Mr. Julien Fernandez (France)
  • Mr. Vadim Donchenko (Russian Federation)
  • Mr Matthias Rinderknecht (Switzerland)

Environment sector

  • Mr. Robert Thaler (Austria)
  • Ms. Nino Tkhilava (Georgia)
  • Ms Biljana Filipovic (Serbia)