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THE PEP Steering Committee

In accordance with its Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure, THE PEP Steering Committee is the principal decision-making body for the implementation of THE PEP. It operates under the authority of the High-level Meeting on Transport, Environment and Health to promote, coordinate and monitor the implementation of THE PEP work plan. It is responsible for giving guidance and strategic directions to THE PEP.

The Steering Committee reports, on an annual basis, to the Regional Committee of WHO/Europe and to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. It informs the UNECE Inland Transport Committee and the UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy. The European Environment and Health Committee (EEHC) is also regularly informed of progress achieved with a view to reporting to the fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health (Budapest, 2004).

THE PEP Steering Committee replaces the Joint Meeting on Transport and the Environment (JMTE) and the London Charter Steering Group established under the Vienna (1997) and London (1999) follow-up processes.

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