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Sustainable Urban Transport

The quality of the urban environment has fundamental effects on human health and well-being. Transport and land-use patterns in urban areas have health consequences in particular through their impact on the air quality and noise, the possibilities for healthy exercise in the form of walking and cycling, the level and severity of road accidents, social cohesion, etc.

Promoting sustainable transport in urban areas through the integration of urban transport management and policies for land-use planning, health and environment, is part of the priority areas for action within THE PEP. As part of the activities carried out, a series of workshops are held with a particular focus on the countries in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. These workshops bring together relevant actors at the international, national and local levels with the objective to raise awareness of the key issues at stake, to examine good practices at national, regional and local levels in the promotion of environmentally sound and healthy local transport integrated with sustainable land-use planning and to issue recommendations.