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Terms of Reference

(adopted by the second High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment, 5 July 2002)

The tripartite Steering Committee would constitute the principal decision-making body for the WHO-UNECE activities on transport, health and environment, and be responsible for giving guidance and strategic directions to the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP). In particular, the Steering Committee will:

  • Promote and co-ordinate the implementation of THE PEP, ensuring co-ordination with other international activities and avoiding overlaps.
  • Monitor progress of the implementation of THE PEP; prepare assessments/ reviews of progress made and propose new priorities/actions, if need be, for adoption by member States; identify issues and propose corrective measures, where appropriate.
  • Liase and cooperate closely with relevant UNECE principal subsidiary bodies (PSBs), WHO bodies, as well as intergovernmental organizations, such as UNEP, OECD, ECMT, EU, CEI and non-governmental organizations that are active in the fields of transport, environment and health.
  • Facilitate cross-sectoral co-ordination and international co-operation of public and private institutions.
  • Establish ad hoc working groups, task forces and other bodies as needed to implement the activities agreed under THE PEP.
  • Initiate proposals to identify funds for expected products, ensure products are timely and respond to needs, in particular with respect to results.
  • Review and approve new proposals for action to be carried out within the framework of THE PEP implementation.
  • Report to the WHO Regional Committee for Europe and to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, unless decided otherwise.
  • Provide guidance on the need for the possible further development of existing or new instruments promoting transport sustainable for health and the environment.
  • Serve as a forum where activities implementing those items in the Charter Plan of Action and Vienna Programme of Joint Action that do not fall under the priorities established by THE PEP can be reported on and taken note of.

The Steering Committee will take decisions on a consensus basis.